Brand mission

Brave | Independent | Publicity | Personality
勇敢 | 独立 | 张扬 | 个性

From the heart of the child's bravery and fear of the world, NewBailunlp Kids advocate the emphasis on children brave firm and its publicity personality, to explore the unknown, independent brave, grateful, full of energy attitude, to accompany every child healthy growth!
They are sunny, vibrant, like free, relaxing casual life. This stage of growth, need to encourage and affirm, to provide them with an open, free growth environment.

健康环保一直是品牌与家长们共同追求的目标;NewBailunlp Kids的产品主要灵感源于孩子内心对世界的勇敢与无惧,秉承健康环保的选材标准及制鞋工艺,赋予每一双鞋子最舒适健康的穿着感受,每一道制鞋工序都经过严加考核,确保产品的高质量标准。同时,融合国际前沿资讯,演绎美式复古新风尚,将经典与时尚进行完美碰撞,旨在为少年儿童带来独树一帜的穿着魅力!

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